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Hello, Dear Seeker!

There are no ordinary moments, therefore it is not an accident that you have been lead to this site.  While you are here take the time to peruse the pages at your leisure.  Let your feelings, not your thinking, be your guide.  Take with you only what resonates with your truth and leave the rest behind.

Regardless of current circumstances, financial status, education level or established titles we are all here for the adventure of experiencing while on our way home, back to the heart of the Creator. It is just that most are participating in the game of experience unconsciously. Each of us holds mastery within, we have just forgotten how to access it to be able to live our experiences fully aware of ourselves as both the experiment and the one doing the experiment.

The “Shift” which attracted much attention and began December 21,  2012 is in full momentum. This memorable date was the beginning of great changes for planet Earth and everyone in incarnation at this time. To say it simply, the Shift is about a shift in consciousness that is currently taking place on Earth and within the Universe, affecting life everywhere; shifting the consciousness of Earth and her inhabitants from a third dimensional reality into a fifth dimensional reality.

What would it be like to experience this shift in consciousness with full awareness? Creating choice for how we wish to experience our lives and fulfill our dreams. The logical mind, intelligence, reason and even science cannot replace experiencing. The act of experiencing defies the limitations that these methods work within. That is what consciousness is.  Experience that provides the knowing that defies all limitations.

“Human experience is the ultimate source and justification for all knowledge. Experience itself has accumulated in human memory and culture, gradually producing the methods of intelligence called ‘reason’ and ‘science’.” —John Shook

If you could enjoy your life fully conscious, able to create, direct and manifest the experience you wish to have, would you?

Energy is information that vibrates with multiple frequencies.  Everything, be it a stone, a human, an animal, a plant or an innate object is made up of energy.  The tools taught in my courses are tools that help us read the energy with conscious awareness which in turn allows us to direct and manage the situations we encounter rather than becoming the effect of them.  Alchemy, as defined by the Archangels,  is “Changing the frequency of thought, adjusting the harmonics of matter and adding the Element of Love”.  Essentially managing and directing energy. The tools taught here work energetically to accomplish just that.

Within the pages of this site is information about how to become more conscious, more aware and more intuitive using energy tools we have forgotten how to use while in the limitations of third dimension. Tools to open up the wisdom that experiencing vs. thinking offers us.

Within these pages is information to set you well on your way Home.  You cannot do it wrong,  for we are all “doomed for perfection” and we are not alone.


Blessings to you as you seek your way.

bloom, grow, become

bloom, grow, become

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